September 2008

Firstly, we were delighted to receive some great photos of Nanette in her home in the Limousin with Caroline.

Back in June when we first rescued Nanette and her daughters Lena & Belle, she was malnourished and her terribly curled up feet due to many years of neglect prevented her from being able to walk very far.  Four months on and Nanette is like a different donkey – the transformation in her from the neglected little donkey we rescued in June 2008, is nothing short of inspirational!

These were her feet on arriving with ERF….

After x-rays were taken of her feet to assess whether she has any pedal bone rotation, the arduous task  began of trying to get her feet back into a decent state again. We thought that it was important to show you just what can be acheived with these rescued equines with time and care.

X-ray of Nanettes foot on arrival

And now…..

Nanette front feet                                                    Nanette hind feet

We would like to thank Nanettes wonderful adopter Caroline who has given this very special donkey so much time, patience and love since she has been with her – and also credit must go to her wonderful farrier!

We are very grateful to the guardians that take on our equines, especially those that have specific care needs.  As you can see from the photos, Nanette has certainly made herself at home and a part of the family!