Happy Hugo!

Hugo’s guardians have very kindly sent us an update on him, with some photos included.

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Hugo has been an ERF horse since the very beginning, and when his first guardians had to give him up a few years ago, he was rehomed directly to Katy and her Mum. He has a lovely home where he has the life suited to his mildly advancing years! This is him sleeping in the sun!

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Here’s what Katy sent us about him!

He’s still in the large field with his racehorse and pony friends and is still a very happy boy. He turned 20 back in May but doesn’t act a day older than 10! He’s a little on the chubby side right now, as I had revision and exams all through June, then I was away for 2 weeks at the beginning of July. I recently took him out for what I thought would be a gentle hack to get him used to being out again, but when I got to the grassy path that we used to canter down, I asked for a trot but he could barely contain his excitement and burst into canter!

He’s looking pretty flexible still, in the pic below!

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Hugo was in a very dodgy situation when we first got him, so it’s heartwarming to see him still enjoying life. His story is here:

Hugo’s past life

We still have Corran Ard and Accord looking for homes, so please contact us if you can help us out, they both are desperately missing a one to one situation, and are such lovely boys.