Brandy (Gucci)

October 2009

Gucci the yearling donkey found a new adoptive family near Bellac, where she was to be a companion to another lonely donkey, Phebus. We were thrilled that she found a home so quickly after coming into our care as she had been yearning for a donkey friend for some time with her previous owner. Not only did she get a new home, she also got a new name, and is now called Brandy (after the Cognac region where she lived).

Phebus heard her braying from the trailer and could hardly wait to see what was going to come off…

"Could it be ........a donkey for me??"

Brandy was initially put into a separate area so that she and Phebus could sniff and say hello…

"you've got big ears like me!!"

To say Phebus was excited to see a new friend is an understatement…..Brandy on the other hand played it cool and wandered off in search of food!

oct7 003

When they were eventually allowed in together, they soon settled down after Brandy had instructed Phebus who was going to be the boss.

The following morning a friendship had been struck up and they were spotted nuzzling each other at daybreak – a happy ending for two, what were lonely donkeys – and reiterates why so important that donkeys aren’t kept alone .