February 2009

In less than 2 weeks of ERF being asked to find Goliath a home, he found his perfect forever home helping youths at risk in the beautiful Carcassonne countryside with his new adopter, Wanda, who runs the Association Vivre a plein temps.

With his big heart and generous calm nature, we just know that Goliath going to fulfill his new  role perfectly.

ERF’s adopted ‘gentle giant’ Goliath is a beautifully natured horse and well suited to his role of helping children with difficulties…

In the heart of the countryside and with the animals, the youngsters will find their real values, which adds to the values taught by others or which will be taught during their stay.  Horses, big, strong, soft, majestic creatures have their own language, the youngsters will need to study and understand them. Horses need to be loved but also need someone firm that will not let them get away with everything. Horses do not judge anyone, they either submit or defend themselves. Only love and respect from the youngster will enable him to have a good relationship with the horse. Knowing and understanding the hierarchy and its role within a group of horses will enable the youngster to relate it to people.