Wilbur & Piona

January 2008

Meet Titan (well we think that’s his name but until we see his papers we can’t confirm it!).


We picked him up from a farm who didn’t know what to do with him – his companion had suddenly died last year and he had been left in the barn for the past 6 months. Being an entire, they couldn’t find a new home until we came along and brought him home. HIs hooves have never been cared for and he is very thin and frightened, but loving talking to the other donkeys over the wall.

Titan's feet

July 2009

Our gorgeous pair of donkeys, Wilbur (originally Titan) and Piona, travelled up to Normandy to start their new lives with adopters Liz & Sue.

These are two very lucky donkeys who are enjoying being loved and pampered – a lifetime away from the dreadful conditions we rescued Wilbur from last year (see here for more details).

We are delighted to post some photos of the pair proudly showing off their new home!

Piona (L) and Wilbur(R) Piona (L) and Wilbur(R)

How much do we love each other...?

Unfortunately, due to a change in circumstances of the current Guardians, Wilbur and Piona left Liz and Sue in November 2010 and now live with their new Guardians in south west France.