Lily & Marcy

January 2010

Trotter mares Lily & Marcy are rehomed together in the Dordogne

ERF were contacted by the DDSV in dept. 86 to intervene in a sad welfare case where the owner of 2 horses had been taken into hospital, terminally ill. The horses, 2 lovely French Trotter mares, had received very little care for many years. The evidence of this was shockingly revealed to us when a representative for ERF initially went to visit the horses. She found the mares wading around in a yard of stinking mud and manure with horrendously overgrown feet.

10 yr old Lily’s hooves

16 yr old Marcy’s hooves

The mares, now named Lily and Marcy, were brought back to our Charente yard for assessment, rehabilitation and for our farrier to begin the work of carefully cutting back their hooves.  He was very shocked at how long their feet were and to see them with trimmed feet after wards was a big relief.  Seeing them able to trot and canter around a field once more two weeks later was a very emotional moment – it’s certainly what makes our sometimes very difficult and tiring job all the more worthwhile!

Having such wonderful kind temperaments, Lily and Macey very quickly found new guardians, Lee and Eunice, in the Dordogne.   They settled in to their new home straight away and we are sure they are going to be treated like princesses – Lily and Marcy deserve every happiness and we look forward to reporting on their progress in the future.