Helping animals in distress costs. Not just financially (vets, farriers, equine dentists, microchipping, petrol, telephones and postage), but time (investigating complaints, monitoring sales, providing help and advice and lobbying for changes to welfare laws).

We rely on your generosity to enable us to continue to help equines in need. Please help us to continue to help them.

How? Here are just a few ideas…


Donate money

This is the easiest for us as we can immediately put your donation to good use.

You can send money via Paypal by clicking any of the donate buttons on this website, or send an e-mail (please specify it is a gift to avoid fees). You can also send a € cheque to

Equine Rescue France,

Chevre Morte,


24360 France.


  • €10 will ensure that the next welfare case is reported
  • €20 will pay fuel costs for visits
  • €40 will pay for a micro-chip to be injected and registration with the Haras Nationaux
  • €70 will pay for a course of vaccinations
  • €100+ will go towards the costs of vets, farriers and dentists


Sell your unwanted tack or rugs and donate the proceeds

Auction them on eBay or sell them at a local vide grenier / car boot sale to raise funds.

Donate your unwanted baby items, toys or clothes

If you are unable to sell your goods yourself but wish to donate the proceeds from your unwanted items to Equine Rescue France, please contact us for further suggestions.