June 2008

The place we collected Titos from in March 2008 can only be described as a discard centre for the sick, old and those of no further use before being sold for meat. There were old horses and ponies that did not deserve to end their latter years neglected and uncared for – for some being put to sleep at home would have been a luxury due to them.

A lot of the horses (and dogs!) had ticks and mange, including sweet natured and gentle Titos -who just the week previously had lost his 3 donkey friends to the butcher and who was waiting til the next meat lorry turned up for him…..

Luckily he didn’t have to endure that fate!

On arrival at our yard Titos was wormed, had treatment for several bald patched, was de-loused and de-ticked and had visits from the farrier and dentist..

Titos ERF Titos ERF

This month Titos was well enough to be rehomed and we delivered him to his new home in the Dordogne to live with his adoptive family Lisa and Paul. Titos immediately made a new friends in their donkey, Teddy and their beautiful horse Cocoa.

Titos ERF


Unfortunately life has taken an unexpected twist for Lisa and Paul which necessitates them leaving France and they are unable to take Titos and his new friend Teddy with them.

At ERF we do not sell our animals to their new Guardians, instead we loan them under contract. This protects the animals as they cannot be sold on, instead we guarantee that we will look after them if anything changes. As soon as we heard the sad news, we set about finding a new home for Titos and Teddy and are delighted that Jennie went to collect the two boys and take them to their new home.