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The stories so far –

Saving Mississippi

The Road Out

The Wrong Horse

Finally, they arrive in quarantine. TWH, who is very tiny, was dragging his heels like an old man when he came off the truck but determined to go into the stable. They’re cheered by a pretty filly in the opposite box!

TWH was so tired that he lay down very quickly on his nice fluffy bed. Miss is watching over him, they are already very close.

Below is a still from the video of TWH on a mission to get some food into his face! That look! Don’t interrupt!

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We’re worried about Miss’s legs. They’re swollen and look like elephants’ legs. They’re being cold hosed and iced, and he has been walked in hand. His legs were like that when he was collected but have got worse since being stuck in quarantine. We’re hopeful that once they are out of quarantine and Miss is able to move freely around, his legs will reduce.

TWH has taken to being well-treated like a duck to water, and seems intent on recapturing all his lost bodyweight!

Here for nine days or so, then once their new home is fully set up, they can move!